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Rich and RI Giant Bluefin
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  Capt. Steve capturing
 a giant bluefin tuna.
by Capt. Jack

  Tuna LeaderingAnglers 1st Giant
 Bluefin Tuna with Capt. Jack


Enjoy an exciting big game fishing adventure in RI waters with Capt. Jack.

Rhode Island School bluefin tuna photo.

From early summer through fall, these school and  giant bluefin tuna can be found in waters well within 60 miles of Rhode Island. In the early part of the season you will troll our custom Maverick Tackle squid bars and Tuna Trains amongst the feeding whales and porpoise south of Block Island. After the tuna settle in the Fall we drift and chum with a variety of baits. The Maverick will also be offering verical jigging for school tuna on the days when they are down and won't come up for a trolled rig.

Enjoy the benefits of our extensive experience and knowledge pursuing this elusive and hard-fighting game fish. The school bluefin tuna run from 30# to 150# with the norm around 60 to 90#. Giant bluefin can run in excess of 1000 pounds and are some of the hardest fighting fish in the world.

Squid Rig Spreader Bar

Please view these Squid Rigs/Tuna Trains and how to fish at Maverick Tackle.

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Green MachineTuna Train ImageBird Daisey Chain

Depending on conditions, we will be trolling our custom squid rigs, spreader bars, live-lining bluefish, or drifting with chunk baits. Once you are hooked up, you will go one-on-one with the fish of a lifetime. We are equipped with Penn 80 and 130 one- and two-speed reels with custom Offshore Pursuits tuna rods.

Tackle, bait, and bottled water is supplied. No license is required. Please click Rates and Policies for more information. Click here to contact us about available dates or if you have any questions.

Rhode Island Fishing Tips & Techniques

Medium Bluefin Tuna Fish from RI Medium Bluefin and Yellowfin Tuna

Standup, Conventional and Spin tuna tackle.

We will step offshore a few miles to get away from the bluefish and into deeper water. All the while we look for birds working on schools of bait that have been pushed to the surface by feeding Tuna. Trolling our custom Maverick squid bars, rigged ballyhoo, and custom lures on standup rods provides one of fishing’s greatest thrills and challenges.

Maverick Tuna Crew in Rhode Island Giant Bluefin Tuna and Shark

Fighting Chair, Standup or Fixed Rod Holder available based on the angler's experience..

The Maverick has been very successful during June, July, and August trolling custom squid rigs, brined mackerel bars, and rigged ballyhoo. As new fall fish migrate in from offshore we will drift, chum and place sewn or live baits at different depths in the water column. During certain conditions we will drift with live lined bluefish for bait.

Both of the above techniques are used for Shark fishing. When anglers hook up they can fight the fish from a fixed transom rod holder or a custom fighting chair. If you would like more detail about our custom rigs or techniques please contact Captain Jack.

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